Ship operation ( agency services, Represents owners & ship in Sudanese Port ) , stevedoring Services for all cargo types with Advanced technical means - Ship owner & management - Custom clearance services at all Customer locations in Sudan - Cargo inspection , Vessel survey , Ship chandlers & Crewing - Freight Forwarding
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Providing ship agency by representing ships in Sudanese ports Providing stevedoring Services by advanced technology Providing Custom clearance in all customs stations Owning , operating and managing ships Providing international cargo services (Freight Forwarding ) (sea &,air Freight , land, rail Freight , Customs clearance, Stevedoring ,agency and Chartering


Manage & Operate 7 bagging machines for bulk cargoes with its accessories & 10 evacuators.
Owning a multi-purpose ship with a capacity of 3,887 tons working in all Red Sea and Gulf parts .
Owning open and close ware houses in Portsudan, Gari and Kosti
Using electronic tracking (skoda) that allow the clients to follow their clearance procedure
An international cargo network freight Forwarder in (China, India, Malaysia, Dubai , Jeddah & Egypt )
Overseas Offices ( Turkey , China , India , Dubai )
Qualified cadres with vast experience in maritime transport
Administred by the modern electronic systems
Has been awarded ISO 2008\9001 since 2010
Have all maritime safety certificates according to the rules of (I.M.O) institution in London


Kenana Sugar , White Nile Sugar Company
Central Trading , Althagib Group
Al hamamah Mills , Almotahida Mills
Agriculture Bank , LG , Samsung , Dal
GIAD Group Al ittigahat Almotadidah
National Club Project
LG & Samsung
El matahin El Mutahida
Giad industrial group.
Dal group
Alamgad iron company
Sudanese malysian Factory
Tagoug company


As a model for integral services, we have executed number of full logistical package including logistic operations from the sender to the receiver
Agency & discharging of pipe lines of Algaily refinery for Dodsal co. as ONGC Indian co. contractor.
Import of GIAD’s steel inputs & GIAD’s auto inputs
Transporting GIAD’s Products participating in UAE IDEX exhibition 2015 , 2017
Transporting SAFATS’s planes participating in Aviation exhibition in UAE 2016
Shipping 800,000 live stock of Alitigahat company to EGYT with an exclusive contract for 3 years
Exporting huge a mounts of sesame owned by Alitigahat Almotadidah to Saudi Arabia, U. Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, India and china Exporting amounts of cotton to Egypt .
The inputs of the national club project


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Future Projects

Owning a passengers ship of 1,200 Prs- 1,500 Prs

Owning a livestock vessel of 3500 Head
Owning bagging machines (Evacuator equipment )
To transfer the storage area in Port sudan to a customs zone
Marine Tourism project.
Ship Supply .
Convert Warehousing area in port Sudan to freezone
River transportation & Logistics.