One of Giad transportation companies,Established in 2009,Main Location Khartoum Arkweet
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To offer integral logistic services to provide corporation , factories, and strategic projects with the necessary inputs (raw material ) and spare parts , The company facilitates the work among suppliers, carriers, manufacturers and stores with high efficiency where it imports and distributes the right amounts in the right time, besides offering a suitable total cost while maintaining the levels of services required. Supply chain management Conducting commercial agencies in all fields for individuals or companies inside and outside Sudan Importing spare parts for factories through the supply chain administration Importing inputs for factories through the supply chain administration Importing infrastructure Providing financial opportunities for inputs


The qualified cadres and advanced electronic administrative systems
GIAD overseas offices in ( Turkey , Russia ,China, Korea, India, Saudi )
GIAD Groups markets , Sister companies and chances of obtaining various transport means(land, maritime and rail )
Unique relations with financial corporations Faisal islamic Bank , Omdurman national bank , United capital bank Blue Nile Mashrig Bank , Nile Bank Qatar Islamic Bank Khartoum Bank
International suppliers net work


Sudan Railways Corporation
Sea ports corporation
Giad Industrial Group ( Saria complex , Safat aviation , Shaban , Radmid medical group , Maritime industrial sector )
Ministry of energy & electricity
Al-Thawra El-khadraa
Agricultural Bank
Zadna Company


Supplying steel billets & coils for GIAD Steel Company
Importing inputs and spare parts for Sudan Railways.
Importing Sollar system for Sudanese electricity company
Importing Urea for agriculture season 2017
Importing spare parts for General electric – Petro energy
Importing inputs and spare parts for Shaaban Complex, Nassaim Giad factory , Recycling factory , WS & SAR
Importing Plastic Bags for Crops – Green Revolution Com.
Importing Electric Parts and spare parts for Pivot Irrigation System – Al Yarmouk Complex.
Importing inputs and spare parts for Giad Marine Industries Sector.


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Future Projects

Obtain agency for pivot irrigation system.

Obtain agency for Fertilizer (Urea & DAP).
Obtain agency for Fibreglass
Obtain agency for Drilling equipments
Establishing distribution and packaging company
Establishing new branches in United Arab Emirates, India &China.